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Reasons To Do Good, Everyone Has

The campaign “Reasons for doing good, everyone has”, created by the Dois.a Publicidade agency, aims to raise donations for the Support Group for Children with Cancer - GACC, showing the most diverse possible ways to donate and present the important volunteer work developed by the institution. In addition, the campaign seeks to disseminate the culture of giving, be it materials needed for daily activities, values, time and - most importantly - affection.

In order to exemplify the reasons for doing good, common to all, the campaign selected 4 words with enormous emotional and motivational appeal: Courage, Joy, Love and Victory. Themes are printed on t-shirts and
proudly displayed by the wearer.

To create a quick identification with people and thus arouse the desire to help, the campaign will feature different personalities from the state, with distinct characteristics and communicative to the most diverse audiences. The campaign will feature pieces of external media - backbus and outdoor; printed – folder and bookmark; digital arts for social media; 30-second spot and a 30-second commercial.

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