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tree of joy

Permanent Campaign

As it could not be missing, the group prepares a Christmas party every year, where Santa Claus and gifts are the main attractions. The group has the collaboration of donors to collect gifts from each of the 300 children assisted. To take care of this special day, everyone who wants to participate contributes a gift, according to the children's letters.

Project objectives:

  • Collect the gifts that will be delivered by Santa Claus at the Christmas party;

  • Strengthen relationships with collaborators and donors;

  • Increase the number of visits to the institution's headquarters so that employees can learn about the actions of the GACC-RN and its physical and administrative structure.


  • The Árvore da Alegria is exhibited at the headquarters of the GACC-RN during the months of November and December;

  • Letters "for Santa Claus" are hung where the children place their Christmas wish: a toy, an outfit, a shoe or school supplies;

  • Gifts vary according to the child's need, identified by the social worker;

  • The children are sponsored by our partners, volunteers, employees and supporters who choose a letter and deliver the gift at the institution's headquarters.

  • Other trees can also be placed in other places, together with our partners.

Return to partner:

  • Social responsibility marketing;

  • Visibility in the main communication channels in the state (print, radio and TV) through articles that exalt the importance of the project;

  • Inclusion of the partner's institutional brand in the project pieces;

  • Excellent media repercussion in view of the image of the institution, which is one of the most respected philanthropic entities in RN;

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tree of joy

Be a Partner

Take the Tree of Joy to your company's headquarters or organize a task force with your employees to collect our letters.

Be a Volunteer

With so much present, how about helping to organize the donations for Santa Claus to get the name and donation of each child right?

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