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Detachment Campaign

Permanent Campaign

The detachment campaign emerged in parallel with the acquisition of the group's headquarters in 2009, when the bazaar, which was already held periodically by volunteers, gained an exclusive space to operate. Through the sale of donated clothes, the institution seeks to maintain an alternative source of income, focused on the basic functioning of the building and the need to encourage sustainable practices for its beneficiaries.

The consumer culture and the fashion industry make our clothes often look disposable even when they are still new. In this project, used clothes take on a new meaning, contributing to the support of children undergoing medical treatment.

Project objectives:

  • Collect the clothes that will be sold at the bazaar;

  • Encourage users and visitors to sustainable practices;

  • Reinforce the institution's income for the basic activities of running the building.


  • Chests are made available for collection at partner companies and institutions for a pre-determined period of time;

  • The group provides on-site banner and campaign advertising pieces;

  • Donations are intended for the triage team and are subject to repair before being sold at the bazaar;

  • Awareness actions can be carried out during the collection period in companies.

Return to partners:

  • Social responsibility marketing;

  • Visibility in the main communication channels in the state (print, radio and TV) through articles that exalt the importance of the project;

  • Inclusion of the partner's institutional brand in the project pieces;

  • Excellent media repercussion in view of the image of the institution, which is one of the most respected philanthropic entities in RN;


Detachment Campaign


Be a Partner

Take the detachment chest to your company or institution and help the

GACC-RN collecting products

to the bazaar.

Be a Volunteer

Participate by attending events, such as fairs and workshops, where we will be collecting with the public. If you prefer, join the triage class!

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