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Donate to the GACC-RN!



Use button to safely donate.

The group relies entirely on donations and partnerships, through which it supports the functioning of the house and provides daily accommodation, food and transport, among other benefits, and monthly delivers food baskets to the families of the beneficiaries.

How to make your donation:

  • PIX:Donate through our PIX Key which is our CNPJ: 41007923000152 of your bank's application, the donation is easy, fast and secure. [NEW] Even a small amount can help a lot!

  • At the group's headquarters*: bring your donation to our headquarters at Av. Floriano Peixoto, n. 383, Petropolis. It's very easy to get to: it's located behind the Metropolitan Cathedral; - How to get there

  • Donation Center: Contact us and ask to be included in our registration. One of our attendants will return the contact so that our messengers can pick up the amount at the agreed time and place; - Learn More

  • Bank transfer:  

Banco do Brasil, branch: 2870-3, checking account: 501503-0 , or branch: 2870-3, checking account: 119124-1.  

Caixa , branch: 2044, checking account: 875-3.CNPJ: 41 007923000152. Any amount can be donated.

  • Credit card: It can be done through our website by clicking on the button above or donate the central donations by the number (84) 4006-6801, one of our representatives will return the contact and pass the necessary step-by-step.

  • Detachment Campaign: Donate your clothes in one of the baskets during our actions in the city or bring them to our headquarters. - Learn More

* In case of large quantities, we can pick up the donation at your preferred location. Book by phone: (84) 4006-6800;

  • Donate through the PicPay app: Just scan the QR code below, enter the desired amount to donate, and complete the operation making a difference in the lives of almost 300 children undergoing onco-hematology treatment. You can also make a PIX directly from your Pic Pay application to our key which is our CNPJ: 41007923000152 [NEW]


What you can also donate:

  • Food: rice, beans, pasta, corn flakes, powdered milk, coffee, oil, etc.

  • Disposable Diapers: child and adult size.

  • Products: Clothing, accessories, shoes, bags, toys and decorative objects in good condition.

Do not worry,

we account

of everything here .

O GACC-RN emprega todos os esforços possíveis para garantir o bom uso das doações, sejam recursos humanos ou materias, e exercer o seu trabalho com a máxima transparência, certo de que somente através desta prática é capaz de angariar cada vez mais colaboradores e sustentar a credibilidade inerente à instituição idônea que é.


Be a volunteer!

Like the board and advisors, most GACC-RN performers are volunteers. The institution that was born from volunteering is always recruiting new members willing and willing to help with events or daily activities in the house.

To be a volunteer, click on the button below and sign up!

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