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The GACC-RN headquarters was inaugurated in 2009, built by many hands - through donations and campaigns developed by the group. The building, located at Av. Floriano Peixoto, No. 383, Petrópolis, has a total of 22 rooms and five floors, structured as follows:

  • Ground Floor - Reception, Bazaar, Stock, Psychological and social, nutritional, dental, cafeteria, kitchen, management, shopping and events rooms;

  • 1st Floor - Board, administrative sector, meeting room, donation center (telemarketing), playroom and hospital class;

  • 2nd Floor - Bedrooms 1 to 10 and 2 isolation rooms for transplant patients;

  • 3rd Floor - Bedrooms 11 to 22, living spaces and television, communication and marketing and fundraising sectors;

  • 4th Floor: Chapel, activities room for mothers, bazaar screening room and laundry area.

The building is adapted to receive people with disabilities, having an elevator, wheelchairs, handrails, bars and adequate signs in each environment. There are also emergency exits and lights, fire extinguishers and any structure required for the safety of those assisted in accordance with regulations.

Hope Home

In December 2001, the Support Group for Children with Cancer inaugurated the Home Hope, an elaborate design and dreamed by all the volunteers whose aim was to host children in oncology and hematology treatment registered with their companions (parents or guardians). It was a simple house whose rooms offered a minimum of comfort, where the families, despite sharing the same space, felt at ease.

With its own headquarters, users' families gained more privacy, being able to enjoy their moments alone, in separate rooms, or share moments of integration with other families in the common areas of the headquarters and living spaces. The transplanted children, who were previously unable to stay in the house, being taken in by volunteers, also gained their own space with an adequate structure.

Meet the Headquarters:

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