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Donation Center

Responsible for almost 80 percent of the institution's gross income, the Donation Center relies on the joint work of 14 telemarketing operators and 10 messengers. The delicate craft of the operators is fundamental in attracting new donors and securing the loyalty of donors already registered, who periodically collaborate with the group. Operators make up to 60 calls each in a daily period of 6 hours.

During contact with the donor, the operators explain about the work of the GACC-RN and reinforce the importance of the donation for the continuity of the group's activities. Recently, operators have also started to rely on the help of cell phones to maintain a close relationship with donors, using Whatsapp , for example, to send thank you messages and useful information. After contacting the operators, the collection is made by the hands of messengers at the donors' homes. Each messenger visits an average of 70 homes a day on Big Christmas. There are approximately 10,000 receipts brought to the institution per month. This number of donations covers 70% of the entity's expenses each month.



(84) 4006-6800

Be part of our donor registry.

Detachment Campaign

You can donate clothes you no longer wear to our bazaar through the Detachment Campaign. Sales made at our permanent bazaar directly contribute to the functioning of the institution.

Other Ways to Donate

You can donate to the GACC-RN via bank transfer from Banco do Brasil or Caixa Econômica Federal. We also receive donations of supplies such as non-perishable food, medication and disposable diapers.

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