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Permanent Bazaar


In order to expand collections and bring the public closer to the actions of the GACC-RN, the headquarters has a space known as the Permanent Bazaar, where the best pieces of clothing, shoes, toys and jewelry collected by the Detachment Campaign or donated directly are sold. to the institution.

Donated items are screened, washed and receive minor repairs. Then go to the shop to be sold. New items donated by major retailers also enter the collection, being sold for much lower prices than the original.


The Detachment Campaign collects clothes, shoes and accessories for sale at the institution at affordable prices. You can help spread this idea in your work, in your company, in your condominium, or wherever you like.

The simplest way to contribute to the bazaar is to separate clothes and items you no longer use and donate them at our headquarters. Mobilize your family and friends to do the same. Your donations will be very important to our institution.

If you own a store or a clothing brand, you can help by promoting a Mega Bazaar and donating part of the sales to the institution or by donating pieces from your collection for sale in our bazaar.

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