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Debutante Party

What teenager doesn't dream of the perfect party to celebrate their 15th birthday? At the GACC-RN, the dream of each one of them is very important. Without losing sight of the treatment of children and the financial difficulties of each family it serves, the group annually prepares a party to celebrate its debutantes in the greatest style. The party is carried out with great care and sophistication by a team of more than 60 partners, coordinated by volunteers from the institution, who guarantee the night of dreams with attention to every detail: from costumes to cake, from buffet to limousine.

Project objectives:

  • Rescue the self-esteem of adolescents from the GACC-RN (users and ex-users);

  • Offering a playful moment to teenagers in a relaxed time set for their age;

  • Promote greater interaction among the institution's teenagers;

  • Strengthen the institution's partnerships with local entrepreneurs;

  • Support the GACC-RN's image of the work developed by the institution.


  • The party is entirely provided by partners who provide quality products as if they were producing a private party: the buffet, sweets menu and attractions are some examples;

  • Debutantes get a professional photo shoot before the party day;

  • Teenagers receive clothes and a beauty salon and arrive at the party in a limousine;

  • For each debutante there is a godfather who should accompany him on the waltz;

  • After the party, debutantes receive a DVD with a video and photos of the party.

Return to partner:

  • Social responsibility marketing;

  • Possible visibility in the main communication channels of the state (print, radio and TV) through articles that exalt the importance of the project;

  • Inclusion of the partner's institutional brand in the project pieces;

  • Excellent media repercussion in view of the image of the institution, which is one of the most respected philanthropic entities in RN;


Mother Light Project

Be a Partner

Event professionals, receptions entrepreneurs, photographers and journalists. This is your opportunity to contribute by doing what you love.

Be a Volunteer

Dedicate a little of your time to make this project a reality. Here, all help is welcome!

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