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The GACC-RN is a reputable institution with nearly 30 years of experience in supporting children and adolescents undergoing cancer and hematology treatment in the state. The institution was born from the volunteer work of three women at the door of the Hospital Infantil Varela Santiago, who provided support to the families of children undergoing treatment from the interior of the state, hosting and feeding them in their own homes.

The support of the media and the press was fundamental for the birth and growth of the entity. This meeting was further strengthened during the campaign to build its own headquarters, in mid-2004, which culminated in the acquisition of the land and construction of the headquarters, in 2009, enabling a great advance in the provision of services and extending the service to approximately 300 users .

Our actions continue to rely on the visibility of the most varied media through the work of journalists who are always engaged in publicizing the group's work. Through this partnership, we can guarantee the success in disseminating our actions, raising awareness among the population and attracting new employees and donors who believe in the importance of our work.

Currently, the consultancy is part of the work of the Institutional Development team of the GACC-RN and has the support of Mosaïque Comunicação .


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