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The project aims to provide a therapeutic, cultural, leisure, socialization and learning moment for children, teenagers and guardians served by the GACC-RN, through tours to various places in our city, such as museums, parks, circuses, shopping malls, heritage buildings history, theaters, schools, among others.


  • Propose means of social reintegration for children and adolescents undergoing cancer treatment;

  • Minimize the stress caused by day-to-day treatment and hospitalization;

  • Provide a better quality of life, articulation and interaction with their reality;

  • Ensure leisure and entertainment;

  • Ensuring access to new knowledge of the world in tune with nature, local culture and citizenship.


  • The tours are planned by the group's multidisciplinary department, formed by a social worker, psychologist and educator;

  • The events sector is responsible for making the moments possible through partnerships;

  • The project enables the event, transport, food and all the necessary structure for the comfort of users;

Return to partner:

  • Social responsibility marketing;

  • Visibility in the main communication channels in the state (print, radio and TV) through articles that exalt the importance of the project;

  • Inclusion of the partner's institutional brand in the project pieces;

  • Excellent media repercussion in view of the image of the institution, which is one of the most respected philanthropic entities in RN;

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