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Tacky Solidarity

Brega Solidário is a time for socializing between GACC-RN employees and partners and an opportunity to increase the institution's fundraising. The party. which completes 11 years of existence in 2017, had its 1st edition at ASSEN (Association of Sublieutenants and Sergeants of the Army) and two editions at Gilson Buffet. Every other year, it was held at the AABB (Associação Atlética Banco do Brasil), annually with the participation of dozens of artists who make the guests happy.


Brega started with the purpose of bringing together all those who collaborate with the GACC-RN during the year. It has already had the voluntary participation of renowned artists on its stage, such as José Orlando, Carlos Alexandre Jr, Falcão, Dodora Cardoso, Rodolfo Amaral, Fernando Luiz, Artemisia, Tony Pan, Luiz Almir, the band Perfume de Gardênia, Cafonaite, ent others.

Brega also counts on the collaboration of several partners who take care of the party details, such as the sound and lighting, decoration and promotion of the event, making this dream more incredible every year. And what makes everything even more special is the participation of the public, who dress up the cause and go out of their way to participate in the parade and contest where the cheesiest part of the party is elected. Winners take home an unusual trophy. Oh, there are also lots of giveaways all night long.

Brega differs from other parties of its kind in the city by its family atmosphere and by the philanthropic cause to which the ticket price is destined. The space is designed to create an intimate atmosphere allowing for a closeness between the public, the artists and the institution. The moment is also a celebration of the group's achievements and has a captive audience that attests to the success of the party and the group's work.


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