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mother light

Childhood Cancer is a disease that requires a long, invasive and painful treatment. In most cases, the mothers are the children's exclusive dedication companions. Mothers and their children go through exhausting phases together in a devastating process where self-love is tested. At this time, it is essential to encourage your appreciation and care for your physical and mental well-being. The Mãe Luz Project aims to rescue the self-esteem of the mothers of children assisted by the GACC-RN, through a joint action of several partners.

Every year, 12 mothers from the institution are invited to participate in a true "princess day", with the right to a beauty salon and photo shoot. Mothers rediscover themselves through the photographic exhibition held later, where they are encouraged to renew their strength to continue their ongoing struggle in search of the cure of their children.

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Be a Partner

Beauty professionals and photographers, the power to help is in your hands! This is your opportunity to contribute by doing what you love.

Be a Volunteer

Dedicate a little of your time to make this project a reality. Here, all help is welcome!

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