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The Pedagogy Sector, supported by Law 9394/96 (LDBN) and Law 8069/90 (ECA), proposes to welcome, socialize and interact, providing the intellectual and pedagogical development of children during the treatment period. Among the activities, this sector works with inclusion projects, musicality, allowing those assisted the possibility of educational and professional continuity during treatment. The proposed activities are coordinated by a professional Pedagogue and developed by teachers from the state education network and volunteers. On 12/21/2010 the 1st Technical Cooperation Agreement between the SEEC and the GACC RN was signed, published in the official journal of the RN, Edition of 12/28/2010, which establishes a commitment between the SEEC/RN, through the Subcoordination of Special Education – SUESP/RN, in guaranteeing the Implementation of the Hospital and Home Educational Service Program.

This term consists of the establishment of a commitment between the SEEC and the GACC, for educational assistance in the home environment, guaranteeing the right to public education for hospitalized children, ensuring the continuity of the schooling process.

Today, the GACC pedagogy sector has four teachers for this project to happen with excellence and has obtained positive results.

The actions of the sector include:

  • Plan pedagogical activities with educational purposes for students/patients assisted by the GACC-RN;

  • Carry out monthly, weekly and daily planning of pedagogical activities for students/patients who belong to neighboring cities and who are at the GACC-RN;

  • Perform various activities for different levels of learning, making the students/patients advance and reach the assimilation/accommodation of the worked knowledge;

  • Support the schools of origin of students/patients, assisting them in school reinforcement so that they, due to treatment, do not fall behind or drop out of school or even school;

  • Send letters to students/patients' schools, informing the pedagogical support provided by the GACC-RN during the student's school absence;

  • Offer continuous classes of all subjects in the pedagogical support room, even for those students/patients who are not enrolled in formal schools and are assisted by the GACC-RN;

  • Educate in different situations, which may be formal education or not, but which may be associated with schooling or social interaction;

  • Reintegrate students/patients into society, within a socio-educational proposal;

  • Encourage those assisted by the GACC-RN to continue their studies, warning about the benefits of schooling;

  • Teach basic computer classes, English and Music as complementary courses.

  • Start literacy for those who did not have the opportunity to attend school, thus encouraging them to enjoy and want to continue their studies in a more formal way;

  • Conveying values to form citizens of good and principle;

  • Assist the teachers, guiding them in what is necessary for the good progress of schooling;

  • Coordinate and carry out activities that are seen as necessary for the education of the student/patient attended by the GACC-RN;

  • Develop projects that have the function of educating and entertaining so that we can escape the routine and inconvenience caused by the treatment;



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