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TV GACC-RN / Child Hope


The GACC-RN TV “An Open Window to Knowledge” is on air on the Institution's YouTube. The project, which was included in the Criança Esperança program, comes to entertain and inform the public with a diversified and innovative language. The intention is for the TV GACC to be a panel of institutional actions, projects and activities. The contents are approached in a playful and creative way, in frames stitched together by the universe of virtual communication.

All the tables were created with a focus on the role of children and young people, with the objective of contributing to the intellectual development of children. The contents that will serve as a basis for the home class will be prepared by the Institution's pedagogical team and guided by the team of teachers from the State Department of Education, being yet another communication tool to reinforce learning. The institution also counts on the important contribution of partners such as Projeto Ilha de Música (with online guitar/flute lessons and math tutoring) and 23 Steps school (with English tips).

The “Papo Web” is a framework for interviews that aims to value honorary heroes (partners and professionals who contribute to the functioning of the Institution). The children work in capturing images, audio and in the presentation of pictures, they are supervised by trained professionals, and everything is done in a way that for them is a great game. The frame @Conectando is a cultural and artistic showcase, which will show the culture of the children's cities of origin, covering topics such as music, tourist attractions and regional cuisine. The board deals with the gaming world with sensational tips; and the #Creatives board addresses crafts with a focus on recycling, crafts and art.

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Main goal:

  • Ensuring those assisted through digital inclusion, access to education and information through a globalized and easily accessible language, using technology in a way that is useful for their development and learning, prioritizing the content of the HOSPITAL/HOUSEHOLD CLASS, enhancing the internet as an educational tool, adapting distance education. The virtual class will be the resource used to ensure quality education for children undergoing cancer treatment.

Specific objectives:

  • Produce videos according to the curricular content of the Hospital/Domiciliary Class.

  • Set up a recording and photography studio.

  • Conduct photography workshops.

  • Conduct audiovisual workshops.

  • Create a relaxing environment suitable for the target audience (the ones assisted by the GACC-RN);

  • Disseminate educational content through information technology (Social networks, You Tube channel, etc.)

  • Strengthen the identity of the origins of the children assisted by the GACC-RN, through travel and research to produce pictures that value local culture

  • Seek to improve the response to treatment through educational and leisure activities;

  • Awaken in young people the interest and curiosity for possible career options;

  • Give visibility to the institution by boosting institutional marketing, generating sustainability for the institution, through the globalization of the communication plan whose strategy is to raise awareness of possible donors "via" TV GACC-RN.


The project was divided into four macro steps:

1. Adequacy of space for the application of workshops and execution of videos;

The. Decoration and ambience of the space (Production of scenery/costumes/puppets);

B. Purchase of equipment.

2. Hiring of the technical and planning team with professionals from the Hospital/Domiciliary Class.

3. Making the videos; The. The videos will be made by specialized professionals in the adapted room and on trips to the interior of the state to enhance the local culture: Agreste Potiguar: Monte Alegre, Brejinho and Lagoa de Pedras Borborema Potiguar: Serra de São Bento, Tangará and Monte de Gameleiras Leste Potiguar: Tibau do Sul, Pipa, Vila Flor and Baía Formosa Oeste Potiguar: Caicó/Currais Novos, Major Sales and Pau dos Ferros

ç. The activities will take place over 12 months, in the format of two weekly meetings with an average duration of 04 hours per meeting and some three-day trips to produce material in the interior.

4 . implementation of the GACC-RN-TV communication and dissemination plan through communication tools.

Return to partners:

  • Social responsibility marketing;

  • Possible visibility in the main communication channels of the state (print, radio and TV) through articles that exalt the importance of the project;

  • Inclusion of the partner's institutional brand in the project pieces produced by the GACC-RN;

  • Excellent media repercussion in view of the image of the institution, which is one of the most respected philanthropic entities in RN;

  • Creation of specific content about the brand in videos and project boards

  • Merchandising of the product or service offered by the brand.

  • inclusion of the partner's logo in the closing credits of the video.



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Be a Volunteer

If you have technical knowledge in the area of ​​audio visual production and communication, dedicate a little of your time to make this project a reality. Here, all help is welcome!

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