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Treasure hunt

​In Children's Month, the GACC-RN prepares an activity that touches the children's universe and provides its beneficiaries with a magical moment. The Great Treasure Hunt has a partnership with the Christmas buggy, which take the kids for a fantastic tour of the Natal coast, exploring the imagination of children and turning day-to-day treatment with lots of fun. Each child travels aboard a Buggy, accompanied by the person in charge, for a tour of the dunes of Genipabu or another tourist spot on the coast. Your mission is to find a lost pirate treasure.

The treasure map will be your guide and the captain your best companion. At the end, the children receive the gifts contained in the treasure and a snack is served for everyone.


Project objectives:

  • Strengthen the self-esteem of children and those responsible for treatment;

  • Provide a playful moment of distraction for children;

  • Promote well-being in an outdoor environment, in contrast to the hospital's closed environment;

  • Promote children's contact with nature and interaction with other children undergoing cancer treatment.


  • The children participate in a buggy ride through the Dunes of Genipabu, dressed as a pirate, in search of lost treasure;

  • Partnership with Bugueiros de Natal, which provide around 30 Buggys for the day of the tour. Each vehicle takes one or two children and their guardians;

  • Each Buggy carries a treasure map. The lanes are signposted along the way and the treasure chest will have gifts for all children;

  • At the end, a snack will be served.

Return to partner:

  • Social Responsibility Marketing;

  • Possible visibility in the main media (print, radio, and TV);

  • Disclosure of the partner's brand on the event pieces ;

  • Excellent media repercussion linked to the institution's image.



Treasure Hunt Project

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